Psychic Scams

Psychic scams you must read!

If you don’t read this article, you are going to end up a victim of psychic scams. There are psychic scams that rely on your lack of knowledge to continue their business. These psychic scams should not be confused with legitimate psychics.

The psychic industry is not regulated. Therefore, it is crucial that you become knowledgably in the signs of psychic scams. There is nobody, but yourself that will protect you from the fake psychics.

There are signs that should signal a red flag in your mind that you are entering a psychic scam. You seek advice from a psychic. They tell you that you are cursed. The psychic will then go to on to say that they can remove it at a cost. Often times, they will request a routine amount to keep ‘the curse’ from damaging your life or coming back to you.

What you need to know about psychic scams is that they are based on fear. Psychic scams revolve around keeping you in a state of fear. You are always worried about your lover cheating or leaving you. You worry that you are cursed. There is always a theme to psychic scams that is based on fear.

You should ask yourself, am I acting out of fear? The legitimate psychics will provide you valuable insight into your future and have no concern for whether you return or not to them. They have sincerity and you feel like you have gained the knowledge of your future.

When avoiding psychic scams look for the psychic that is willing to explain to you specific actions both spiritual and physical that you can do to advance your life. They should always be positive psychics that focus on where you are going that is GOOD in life and not something like you are going to experience ‘sudden death’.

If you are still unsure about psychic scams and which psychics have the gift, you can find a list of valid psychics that continues to grow everyday on this website. They have proven reputation and psychic ability rated by a long list of factors. These are the only psychics thus far that are assured not psychic scams because of their long-term reputation for having no complaints and valid business licenses.

Resource: Verified Psychics and Spellcasters