Scams Spells

Spell Scams

Scams Spells and Spell Casting. What do these all have in common? Spell scams are going to be something you encounter if you don’t read this article. When you have knowledge, you have the power to avoid scams spells!

How many times has there been someone that says scams spells have ruined my life. I didn’t get the results I wanted from my spells. It happens more often than one may think because people are not looking for the signs mentioned in this article! No wonder spells scams happen to victims.

The top things you need to look out for when avoiding these spells and scams are visual indicators:

The first visual indicators that Spell Scams are happening on the websites you visit are when it is messy! Spell casters with fast “put together” websites are the first clue of spells scams.

When you visit a spell caster, look at the visual website and ask yourself, “Does it look like all the colors of the rainbow? Am I clicking around in circles confused? Are the photos and overall look chaos?”

The likeliness that these spell casters are Spells scams is very high! They are fast and random looking websites because they are not a professional spell caster. They are fakes in a hurry to have a website to TAKE YOUR MONEY!

A real spell caster that is not a spell scam is going to have a professional looking website and a clean look because they pride themselves on their job!

The second rule to avoid these spell scams is to NEVER click on advertising and sponsor links at the top and side of a search engine! This is a rule you must never ignore or you will be in a spell scam!

Why? How can you be so certain? Here is how the spell scam is performed:

The fake spell caster is going to create a really fast website so that you can buy from them. These spell scams websites are often made in a matter of hours! Google or any other search engine is not even aware that the website exists and therefore, it will not show up in the ‘natural search results’ just under the sponsored link section.

How do you end up clicking on the spells scams? Google doesn’t know about the website yet! How do I end up in the spells scams you speaking about?

The fake spell caster uses sponsored and paid advertising! They pay for you to see them in the top and side of a search engine. So when you type in a search for “love spells” or “love spells from ancient dragons” or anything, you end up clicking on the paid link and going to a spell scam! It’s a light bulb moment! At least now you know how to avoid the scams.

These are just some of many spells scams tips. Please make sure you don’t get scammed! When you are still in doubt about spells and which people are spell scams, feel free to go to the verified spell casters list. It is constantly updated with those spell casters that are real, have long-term reputation and business licenses. This list is there to help people avoid the spell scams that occur in the sponsored link sections of the search engine. Go get some real spells!

Resource: Verified Psychics and Spellcasters